Toon Blast Tips and tricks you need to know

Toon Blast Tips and tricks you need to know

50 new levels await you in the super game Toon Blast !, but a lot more. What, you will learn here. And if you do not know the free game from Peak Games, you should catch up quickly, because it’s one of the best in the genre. It’s also much more than just a block-and-click game. Of course, the free game apps for iOS and Android is available.

And you can expect that in Toon Blast : In this match game, it’s enough to combine two or more dice of the same color by tapping them. At the top of the game you can see how many dice of one color you have to collect per level. Incidentally, here is toon blast hack tool .

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If a level is solved, there is a fireworks display and a star rating (but there are not more than three). If you manage to combine five cubes, you will receive a rocket. If it explodes, it deletes all cubes horizontally or vertically – it depends on which direction the rocket is pointing.

In the first levels, you can still deal generously with this power-up, because you have enough moves available. By the way, you can recognize this by clicking on the top right corner. Collect 20 stars to unlock the Star Chest. There is also a toon chest, but it does not appear until the 10th level. But you should be able to play through the first levels quickly.

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Many levels in Toon Blast have it all. And you would think that you can never handle them. But as with almost every successful game, there are subtle players who provide their solutions for free. So too with Toon Blast. For example, if you have difficulty level 116, you can view solutions on the net.

There are many power-ups in the game. The bomb is one of them. These are obtained when you can click away seven cubes of the same color. If you then activate this bomb, all cubes adjacent to this bomb will be blown up.

The boosters get stronger, the more stones of one color you can combine with each other. There are three boosters available in the game!

  • Rocket : For five stones of the same color you can erase a vertical or a horizontal row
  • Disco ball : For seven stones of the same color, all elements of the color are extinguished
  • Bomb : For seven same-colored stones you remove all surrounding stones

Pay attention to which stone you click to generate the booster. For one thing, you can strategically position this player on the field; on the other hand you influence how the falling stones position themselves.

If you have any moves at the end of a level, it will rain extra points. Because you want to be rewarded. Bruno Bear will thank you and perform a little dance for you. Join a team to get free life. You can also chat with other players.

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This is all new in Toon Blast

As always, there are 50 new levels, but all Toon Blast players know that, as the creators of Peak Games update their game every 14 days. But what about the archaeologist? Let yourself be surprised – and yes, eggs play an important role. Unfortunately, the Facebook page of the game is no longer updated, but still it is still available.

Hard to believe, but true: More than 100 million people worldwide play

These are the features of the game Toon Blast

  • Simple gameplay
  • Simple control
  • Chat feature
  • Many power-ups & rewards
  • Every 14 days, the game receives 50 new levels
  • Many missions
  • Join a team
  • Facebook Connect to play against your friends
  • Also thought and made for little gamers
  • Nice graphic
  • Optional in-app purchases from € 1.99 for the entry-level package
  • The game also has its own Facebook page

Conclusion : Toon Blast is a great game. You can download it without hesitation. And the fact that it is equipped with 50 new levels every 14 days, speaks for the provider.

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