Toon Blast Cheat Guide: Get More Lives, Beat More Levels With These Tips

Toon Blast Cheat Guide

So you solve every level in the free game Toon Blast

Sometimes you do not progress in a game and do not want to spend money on power-ups or boosters. Good that there are so-called cheats. So too for Toon Blast. You’ll need it sometimes, because the Peak Games game has got it right from level 80 onwards. You would be forced to buy money for coins. Because only with coins would you get ahead. To keep the fun but free, I give you some useful tips.

If you have not downloaded the app yet and would like to know more about Toon Blast, you’re in the right place here . I take it in advance: The download of the game is worthwhile . Who knows the predecessor Toy Blast, will also like to find Toon Blast.

Toon Blast Cheats – you crack (maybe) every level

Before you cheat, you should start looking for Boosters. Or. play so skillfully to receive them as a reward

Toon Blast Guide

In principle, the boosters are stronger, the more stones of a color are combined. There are three boosters you can unlock:

Rocket : For five stones of the same color, you can wipe out a vertical or a horizontal row
Bomb : For seven stones of the same color, remove all surrounding stones
Disco ball : For seven stones of the same color you destroy all elements of this color. More game news you can get here.

But there are also these items that will be useful to you

Hammer : removes a stone
Boxing Glove : Removes a horizontal row
Ambos : Removes a vertical column
Dice : Remix all the pieces

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Here are some tips for Toon Blast

Save on your help items for the particularly tricky levels. At the beginning of a game, skillfully chooses whether to use an item or not. This is usually recognizable at first glance. The use of items at the bottom of the field is worthwhile only if you can complete a difficult level. Logical!

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From the 20th level you can join a team. Do that as well, because team members can give you more lives. If you help your team, you get a coin for every given life – even without Toon Blast cheats.

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