Beware of Toon Blast cheats! Instead, level it

Beware of Toon Blast cheats! Instead, level it

Stay away from Toon Blast cheats !! Most do not work or you get the worst case malicious malware on your phone or tablet!

Instead, you can trust these tricks and strategies after downloading the Toon Blast app .

The right strategy instead of Toon Blast cheats

If you want to master the terrific puzzle game without (not working) Toon Blast cheats, we have the right tips for you:

Are you looking for Toon Blast cheats? Try these tips and save yourself trojans and viruses.

Toon Blast cheats


In principle, the boosters are stronger, the more stones of a color are combined. There are three boosters that you can unlock in the game:

Rocket : For five stones of the same color, you can wipe out a vertical or a horizontal row.
Bomb : For seven stones of the same color you remove all surrounding stones.
Disco Ball : For seven same colored pieces you destroy all elements of this color.

Each booster appears as an icon on the stones as soon as they can be earned. You can also combine them with each other. Most effective are the combinations disco ball + rocket and disco ball + bomb.

toon blast tips

Better, you combine Booster than try it with Toon Blast cheats.

The last rescue thanks to the four auxiliary items:

At the bottom of the game you will find four more items to help you solve a level. However, you should use them wisely because their number is limited.

Hammer : removes a stone.
Boxing Glove : Removes a horizontal row.
Ambos : Removes a vertical column.
Dice : Remix all the pieces.


  • Your hard-won boosters should be used with sense and understanding. You should try to think at least two moves in advance and pay attention to these hints:
  • Pay attention to which stone you click to generate the booster. On the one hand you can position this strategically on the field; on the other hand, you influence how the falling stones position themselves.
  • Save your help items for the levels that you can not handle even after several attempts. Then you already know the requirements of the level and can specifically select booster at the beginning of the game. The use of items at the bottom of the field is worthwhile only if you can complete a difficult level.
  • If you have created a disco ball, it is usually worth waiting a few moves before activating it. Since you need nine pieces of one color for this booster, you should wait until there are more pieces of that color on the field. Only then can you fully exploit the power of this booster.
  • It is only worthwhile in exceptional cases to combine two rockets with each other because the effectiveness does not increase.
toon blast level up

If your level fails several times, you can use these tools.

Treasure Chests & Team

Instead of coming to Stars and Tools via Toon Blast cheats, you should use the possibilities that exist in the game itself:

1.Treasure Chests

There are two types of treasure boxes that provide you with items and gold pieces. The Toon Chest reveals its treasures whenever you reach a certain level. The Star Chest (from level 15), on the other hand, seems to be providing content for a certain number of stars. It is therefore important to complete a level in as few moves as possible, as this will give you more stars.

toon blast chest

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2nd team player

From level 20 you can join a team – and you should too. Because team members can give you more lives; If you help, however, your team will receive one coin per donated life – even without Toon Blast cheats.

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